Getting started with geocaching

• Try it out with your family or friends first!

•Don’t spend too long explaining the concept…give the pupils the devices and get started.

•Ensure you are comfortable with the technology … Warning: it does not work indoors!

•Start small – school grounds…later on large open spaces work best – use ‘waypoints’; no need to make your caches permanent

•Newbies can work with others to familiarise themselves with GPS.

•Try to find the geocaches yourself first to confirm their existence!

•Tie [geocaching] into a visit to a place – researching the availability of geocaches at that location would work well to get started.

•Get the pupils to design the caches on a curriculum theme (for other pupils to find)

•The stages: (a) learning about GPS (b) learning about geocaching and (c) learning to embed it into indoor and outdoor teaching. These stages overlap!

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